Tip 1
- You must remove plaque if you are to prevent cavities. To do this, try to always brush twice a day wth a soft bristle brush, preferably after meals. Floss and use a mouthwash daily.

Tip 2 -
Visit you dentist twice a year. Even though you may not be in pain,you may still have dental issues. An exam and cleaning by a trained professional can catch problems while they are minimal. Catching problems early means saving both your teeth and your money!

Tip 3 -
Don't be afraid to let your dentist know what you don't like about your smile. It may be easier to fix than you think, and a nice smile can boost both your confidence and self esteem.

Tip 4 -
Above all, don't tell the dentist how much you hate going to the dentist. It gives them a complex!