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Services We realize that your time is valuable and that patients prefer to have all their dental procedures done under one roof when possible. At Marion Family Dental we offer full service dentistry that includes but is not limited to:

Teeth Cleanings (see below)
Emergency Care
Denture and Partial repair
Gold Teeth
Root canals
Tooth Whitening
Implant restorations
Mouth Guards (Sports & Grinding)
Limited teeth straightening

Our dental hygienists have many years of experience and can offer treatments from routine cleanings to more specialized care.

Marion Family Dental operates its own dental laboratory. This service was initiated to be able to offer our patients a quicker turn around time for denture construction and repairs, while at the same time keeping quality high and cost as low as possible.

Our front office staff has been working in the dental field for over 15 years and has had valuable training in patient treatment planing, explaining dental procedures and their importance, along with insurance cost estimates. Having a staff that is well versed in all these aspects gives our patients the advantage of being able to make better informed decisions regarding their dental care. We are ready to serve you and answer any dental questions you may have.

The Different Types of Teeth Cleaning Available:

refers to the cleaning of teeth as a preventative measure against periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay. This treatment can include plaque detection the removal of plaque and tartar in the supragingival (upper) and subgingival (lower) levels of the gum line, the application of caries-preventing agents, checking for signs of food impaction and the checking of restorations and prostheses. In prophylaxis the procedures of dental scaling* and dental polishing** are used.

*Dental scaling refers to the removal of plaque and calculus from the surface of tooth within periodontal pockets or the surface coronal to the gingival margin.

**Dental polishing refers to process of maintaining a smooth and glossy surface finish on the teeth.

A Full Mouth Debridement is utilized when a patient has extensive "build-up" on their teeth, making it difficult for the dentist to determine whether the patient's bone/gum tissue are healthy. The buildup does not necessarily have to be visible, it can be below the gum tissue and yet quite extensive. The purpose of the procedure is to remove as much of the build-up as possible, to allow us to properly evaluate the supporting structures of your teeth. A "fine scale" appointment or root planing and scaling procedure is usually scheduled after debridement to accomplish final cleaning of the teeth. Debridement is common with patients that have not seen a dentist in quite awhile.

Root Planing and Scaling is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease before it becomes severe. Root planing and scaling cleans between the gums and the teeth down to the roots.The dentist may need to use a local anesthetic to numb your gums and the roots of your teeth. Root planing and scaling is done when gums have either started to pull away from the teeth or the roots of the teeth have hard mineral deposits (tartar) on them. This procedure is usually done in 2 visits cleaning 2 quadrants of the mouth at each appointment.